At the end of the nineteenth century the family settled in Florence where it opened the prestigious shop on the Ponte Vecchio, where you could find collections of jewels and selected high-level art objects. Adolfo Melli , Caterina’s great-grandfather, continued the business by developing and maintaining relations with foreign countries, to the point of making the company a point of reference also for the royal families of Europe, whose testimonies are still preserved today. Our shop, still a privileged destination for a refined clientele, passed to Gustavo Melli , Caterina’s grandfather, and it was he who passed on his knowledge to his nephews and introduced them into the world of antiques. Today Caterina Pasquinucci and her husband Fabio Bernardo with her son Duccio continue the family tradition and continue the activity in the historic shop on Ponte Vecchio, at n.44r.

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  • Carved Quartz Serpentine and Diamond Lily of the Valley Brooch #bernardoantichita
  • 18kt Yellow Gold And Roman Silver Coin 197 AD Ring #bernardoantichita
  • Vintage Gold and Old Cut Diamond Large Snake Bangle Bracelet #bernardoantichita
  • Antique 18kt Gold and Lava Cameo Brooch #bernardoantichita
  • Antique 2-Layer Agate Cameo Bangle Bracelet Late 19th Century #bernardoantichita
  • Gold and Silver Roman Settimio Severo Coin Ring #bernardoantichita
  • Antique Silver and Gold Old Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings #bernardoantichita
  • Antique Pair of Diamond Pendant Earrings #bernardoantichita
  • Early 19th Century Sardonyx Cameo Pendant/Brooch #bernardoantichita
  • Antique Brown Glass Intaglio Ring by Simon Fils '1788-1866' #bernardoantichita
  • A Crescent Brooch Circa 1900 #bernardoantichita
  • Archaeological Revival Gold Bangle, Circa 1870 #bernardoantichita
  • Hardstone Cameo Brooch #bernardoantichita
  • Ancient Silver Gold and Carnelian Intaglio Mens Ring Circa 3nd Century AD #bernardoantichita
  • Diamond Feather Brooch #bernardoantichita
  • Victorian Eighteen Karat Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet #bernardoantichita
  • Ancient Roman Gold Ring with Neptune Intaglio #bernardoantichita
  • Ancient Silver And Agate Roman Intaglio Mens Ring Circa 3nd Century AD #bernardoantichita
  • A Victorian Eighteen Karat Gold Bangle Bracelet #bernardoantichita
  • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Enamel Owl Ring by Bernardo #bernardoantichita


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